Monday, July 24, 2006

pretty crappy

I’m feeling pretty crappy.

I have what I believe to be a mosquito bite on my right eyelid. I could barely open my eye on Friday morning. Over the weekend, it’s turned into several different shades of pinky-red. My co-worker thinks I should try to make like it’s just an attempt at extreme eye-shadow. In addition to the lovely color and puffiness, there is a light crusty build-up (chafing?) along each corner of the eye. I didn’t scratch at it, though there was some rubbing involved. On top of that, I have a cold sore that began at the top of my upper lip and has progressed to it’s favorite nestling spot (at the corners of my mouth) and I believe it is attempting to try out the bottom edge of my lower lip as well. To round out my list of ailments, there is a vague (I dare call it pain) in my right ear. I’m inclined to believe that it’s related, but I’m no expert.

And it is hot. So hot. I drive to work in the mornings with the ac on instead of enjoying the (not-so-)cool morning air. Dude. What is up with this freaking weather? The bookstore plan for yesterday didn’t work out so great. Another classic example of mis-communicating. We’ve been together for how many years and we still do this???

I thought we would stay at the bookstore for several hours, then see a movie or two, hit the grocery store on the way home and arrive at our apartment well after the sun went down. This would ensure that we spend the least amount of time outdoors or in our apartment as possible. What happened instead is an hour at the bookstore, only one movie because we miscalculated the duration and the second flick had already begun as we left the first. Trudging back to the car to get the laptop, trudging back to the bookstore to find that there were no available chairs (which wouldn’t be a problem for me, but my beloved simply cannot sit on the floor. We have discussed the possibility of more yoga in his life. The discussion has been tabled for future reference.). Standing at the third floor atrium of Barnes and Nobles, looking down at people’s heads and tired, so tired from the heat and trudging, we thought about what to do next. He suggested going down to the bookstore at the other end of the outdoor mall. Not a bad idea. But when we stepped outside into the blast of heat and the people and all the noise of the crowds and the street performers, I just couldn’t do it. I called it off and we trudged back to the car instead.

I guess my question to you is, when do I give up? Some days I seem to have no problems calling in sick. Other days, I think: well, can I lift my head from my pillow? Then I guess I should go in. But even as I’m typing this, I feel so icky and crabby that I think I must be insane for continuing this charade of showing up at the office to work.

In other news. I watched a bunch of movies this weekend. While I was knitting, my husband had on Cache (french, interesting, disturbing), American Wake (homework movie for him, it features his cousin Larry Reynolds who is a local Irish music celebrity to the Boston community. So-so movie, really good music.) and Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightly version. Another homework movie. I rolled my eyes a lot at the beginning and ended up getting hooked. She’s not half bad for all that I’ve bad-mouthed her. And that Mr. Darcy is pretty cute (I am SO going to be in trouble when m reads this). Worth checking out.) I paid attention to (as in NO knitting going on) Family Guy the Movie and we went to see The Lady in the Water. “Eh” for both. I didn’t laugh that much for Family Guy and I didn’t think it was all that great. Lady In the Water was pretty much crappy through and through. What a disappointment.

Hm. Well. I am having a hard time typing. This could be a sign that I need to throw in the towel. Maybe I should try to see my doctor today.

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jean said...

jenn said:

Heat AND mosquito bite eyelid. That’s just mean. I’m sorry. But here’s what Jim said about your counter to my witty alliteration argument. Hope it cheers you up:

“…a perfectly excellent quip about alliteration is countered with a double labial (unvoiced and voiced no less!) or two stops, or on a good day, and assuming one is not phlegmy, a few fricatives. It’s like fencing Dennis, you see–he rushes forward, floating above the floor as usual, and beats your blade in fourth only to feint head and cut flank and you whip around with a beautiful parry in seconde and smite him with just enough force across the right cheek to say “I vanquish thee vile varlet” but in language less alliterative (see what I did there?) and way less dorky.”

July 25, 2006 @ 10:55 AM

jean said:

Jim is also a linguist?? Sheesh. I mean, COOL!

July 27, 2006 @ 9:03 AM