Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Go Sox!

We went to the Red Sox game last night. They were in town on one of their rare games on the west coast. We’ve been to Red Sox games v. the A’s, v. the Dodgers and like last night v. the Angels. Sadly last night was not a victory for the good guys (as my husband would call them. He also says things like: There was a victory for the dark side today. Which means that the Yankees won a game somewhere.). But we had fun at the game anyways. The tickets were free (!) and co-worker Leslie and her husband Greg joined us.

We met Greg when we attended their wedding a few years ago, but this is the first time we hung out with him. I didn’t know what to expect being that all the stories I ever heard about him involved fishing and baseball. I am down with the baseball part, but know nothing about fishing and he apparently is a fishing fiend. (I think that he proposed to Leslie on a fishing trip actually which I find both charming and funny.) We had so much fun! Greg is a really funny guy and fun to talk to. He knows gobs and gobs about sports and loves Hawaii. I thought it was funny when David Ortiz came up to bat and Greg commented that this was Maddy’s favorite player. Maddy is 4 months old, by the way.

This is right up there with the time I was talking to a former co-worker who loved baseball and its history and tradition and lore. And when he was in Boston he made sure to take his son to Fenway just in case it ever got torn down (since it’s such an old park and some people think it should be replaced with something newer). I thought that was so sweet and asked him how old his son was. Without missing a beat, my co-worker said: 18 months.

There is a surprising number of Red Sox fans in the southland. I noticed this at every game we’ve attended here. Sometimes I get a little nervous showing my Red Sox pride (as it were), especially if we beat the home team. What if someone gets a little rowdy and wants to beat us up? And m is always defiantly proud when we have to pass legions of home team fans when they win and they jeer as we pass by in our Red Sox shirts. But it’s always a safe bet that nothing will happen when the home team wins. It’s the Red Sox fans that are the assholes. Go to any game and see for yourself. The loudest, brassiest, brattiest fans are the Red Sox fans.

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Wow, you guys are really cute in your Red Sox gear. A sentence I truly never thought I’d type in seriousness. :) Nice work, way to be sporty and cute. Now drink some water, silly.

August 24, 2006 @ 8:02 AM