Sunday, August 13, 2006

southpaw Sunday

Renée Montagne says that today is International Left-Handers Day. I am blessed with many lefties in my life. My husband is a leftie, his mom is a leftie, my nephew Timothy is a leftie, stacey is a leftie…anyone else?

Renée also cited an interesting fact on Friday’s broadcast:

Congratulations to left-handed men! And not just because this Sunday is International Left-Handers Day, but because a new study shows southpaws are richer than righties, 15 percent richer for left-handed men who attended college, and 26 percent richer if they graduated. Researchers at Lafayette College and Johns Hopkins University can’t explain the wage difference, and they don’t know why women lefties don’t have the same advantage.

I consulted with m about this and he thinks they left him out of the survey. Either that or his salary is seriously tweaking with their numbers. Or maybe our company hasn’t heard about this study and needs a head’s up. A raise could be on it’s way…

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