Wednesday, August 9, 2006

works in progress

Oh what the hell? It’s not like I have anything else to do at work today.

I got a lot done actually with mum’s cardi. Here’s a photo with my glasses and new work-issued Blackberry for scale:

We’ve started the armholes (again) while watching a movie last night. It was Happy Endings, in case you were wondering and well worth checking out. Lisa Kudrow bowled me over with her talent. I always thought she was funny as Phoebie, but in a serious role? Wow. Anyways, back to the knitting. I should probably check this piece today to make sure that all that wondrous acting didn’t distract me too much from the knitting and there isn’t some honking mistake that I need to rip out (again).

Jenn asked about the pink yarns that I bought to make ponchos for my neices m and a. Here are the two colors:

The one on the left is called Neopolitan and the one on the right is called Raspberry. (Seen on the screen of my PC at work, there seems to be a bit of a yellowish tinge to the colors. But I assure you, they are pretty, not yellow-y.) I think Raspberry will look sweet on a and Neopolitan will be darling on m. I originally wanted to make the Yarn Harlot’s A Very Harlot Poncho, pictured here with a wee baby sized version:

I am particularly fond of the fringe. However, I found this shawl-thing yesterday and am interested in doing up a variation of it as well for the girls:

I could stay with the ruffles or add fringe instead. Or I could find some yarn to make it for me!

And of course, more gratuitous photos of Pekoe:

He is so bold. How does he dare? He thinks he’s allowed to sniff my yarn??

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