Tuesday, January 23, 2007

study break!

takin’ a quick break from work to do a little dance to the music currently playing on my computer. I got an iPod for christmas (my husband is the BEST-EST!) and I’ve been slowly transferring our cd collection to my iPod. A few things I’ve learned from my quick little study break:
  1. Bruce Springsteen ROCKS! Go and give Sherry Darling or Out In The Street a listen and I dare you to keep from dancing. Who knew?
  2. Corrollary to #1. My husband has great taste in music! Babe? I’m sorry if I ever dissed your music.
  3. Cats don’t dance. Not only do they not dance which I think is a sad lot in life for them, but they can’t even appreciate music. Or can they? The ‘och who likes to sit on my monitor from time to time looked really confused as I jiggled in my seat in my own little version of a dance floor.

    Definitely concerned. Perhaps even reproachful.

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