Thursday, March 1, 2007

dangers of boredom

Man, oh man, I wish I had photoshop all those years ago when out of sheer boredom on lazy afternoons I would wonder what I would look like with a new haircut…

I’ve been thinking about cutting bangs into my hair, but I was kinda chicken to go for it. Here’s what I did on Sunday to test it out:


m thinks I kinda look like my sister in law. I kinda have to agree. It’s a small deterrent because I don’t want be mistaken for someone else (I’ll ignore the claim that all asians look the same, my grandma would have said the same thing about all the white people looking the same back when she was still with us), I just want to look like me. But a little different me. In a fit of spontaneity I drove to the barber’s yesterday and a very nice man named Dean Davies cut my hair for me:

I like it. Much better than the photoshop job I did on myself. And the versatility! (That’s what I’m trying to demonstrate with the hair down/hair up photo comparison.)

And now when I’m bored, I take photographs of myself making funny faces in the mirror and crack myself up. Ahh yes, I need to get out more.

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