Tuesday, April 24, 2007

smallest and coolest?

Small and cool
Isn't this place amazing?? It's a condo in Boston that was featured in yesterday's post for Apartment Therapy's Smallest Coolest Contest. I told m that he needed to buy this place for us. I am thrilled and amazed at their use of 520 square feet!

The couple who live here are avid cooks so they arranged their place to accommodate their cooking and entertaining needs; carving out a space for formal dining in addition to the nook and breakfast table in the kitchen. I also love the placement of their living room seating; facing each other, but with a television on a swivel mount oposite the couch which is the comfiest place to sit while catching up on your telly watching.

I think the participants are limited to submitting only three photos, but I'd be curious to see what their bedroom looks like. And also to know if they have additional storage somewhere. And if they are interested in selling their place to us ;)

On the not-so-small and not-as-cool
Not totally diggin' next month's Martha Stewart Living. It's their color issue. Aren't all their issues color issues?

The layout on colorful foods was wildly vivid like 80's disco or something. Not terribly appealing. And the crafts were so-so. I just flipped through it on Sunday so maybe I need a deeper bonding session with it. I did find it interesting to see Martha on the cover. That hasn't happened in a long ole while. Judging from the thickness of this issue, I'd say that she's recovered nicely from her troubles.

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