Monday, May 14, 2007

more orange love

This looks like something right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.


Sancho Mandritto Fentente said...

What sort of lapdesk is M sporting there? I've been using a bookstand, a largish wooden one that props books up nicely but which is foldable, and it seems to work, but not much room for pen and paper alas... Great photos too Ms. Rockwe... I mean Jean!

jean said...

Goodness you have sharp eyes!

I do believe that m is using a throw pillow to (as we say here at c+potion) "protect the swimmers" in these photos.

Ooh, I think I am going to get in trouble for disclosing that.

Anyways, normally we use a pillow-backed-type lap-desk that we got from Target for about $10. I believe they still sell them. If you don't have a Target near you, I can't imagine that they'd be too hard to find at other retail supermarts.

Or, if we lived nearby, I'd make you one :)

Sancho Mandritto Fentente said...

M is not alone--that two inch thick bookstand was also intended to, ah, "protect the swimmers," and really, one can't be too careful ;-)

We do have Target, the store not the drive-by type. Actually, we have that too, but we avoid those as much as possible.

Loved the finger puppets by the way--Brien just got two cool ones (not Sanrio) from his great Auntie and her recent trip to France. I'll get pictures then send them, might have to remind me though...