Saturday, July 14, 2007

the weekend so far

So I didn't work on the quilt at all last week. I didn't work on much of anything because of the blasted heat. I have been crafting very little lately which makes me a little sad. I've also developped a bit of crafting ADD where I have lists upon lists of ideas and projects, but haven't been able to start any of them. I feel guilty because I already have about half a dozen in mid-progress. I think I need to think about completion and then tackle the new stuff.

Anyways, tomorrow I'll be doing something fun and craft related. I'm going to Felt Club Summer XL!

I can't remember how I heard about this event, but I checked out their site and it looks like a good time to me. So I'm dragging my buddy Stacey, slathering on a lot of sunscreen and heading out to the Ukrainian Cultural Center for some crafty shoppin' and learnin'. I think I'm going to take their needle felting class because it's something I've always wanted to try.

Last week was pretty good. First week back to work after the surgery. Not terribly busy, but enough stuff going on to keep me interested. I've been at my new job location for one month now and it's been going well. My staff are warming up to me (Incidentally I find it a little hysterical how some of them seem a little nervous around me. If they only knew what a pushover I can be. Really, I save my scary side for the ones I love (wink).) our staff meeting on Friday was more hangin' out and eating lunch than a serious discussion of work-related issues.

Today was a good day. (Even though I was unable to attend the 2nd ever Lord of the Rings marathon screening at Cinema Laredo. I'm still a little bummed out over missing that.) M was feeling restless and wanted to go out and be in nature. It was going to be too hot to hike so we headed out to the beach instead. I bargained for some browse-time in the thrift stores that are on the way to the beach. Not much in the way of thrifting scores (though I managed to snag a cute apron and a sleeve iron in stores closer to home. Yay! And I had to struggle really hard not to buy two more hand-painted stoneware plates. Ooh, but they were so pretty! And they coordinated with my current collection!! But really, we just don't need anymore plates chez c+potion, we really don't. I think mostly I was trying to console myself over the lack of any pyrex goods at the thrift stores. But I must be patient.).

The beach was great! The water felt awesome and we got a nice walk in up and down The Strand watching the beach volley ball players. We had lunch up the street and ice cream bars on the way back to the car to feed the meter. Just an all around relaxing and fun day.

The tip of the day is that you should re-up your sunscreen in a timely manner and thoroughly at that. Otherwise you risk getting dumb looking sunburns in odd patches on your neck. Trust me on this one.

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