Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I miss camping. I'm not the most agile camper, but I think I held my own okay for a city girl back when we used to go camping, like all the time.

Funny thing, m and I were just talking about camping this weekend. A little car camping up the coast is perhaps in our future. I was able to gloss over the sleeping on the ground part with promises of hiking and grilling. You can convince the man of nearly anything if it's accompanied by a good meal. To be fair, m's been camping before, slept on the ground even while a storm passed over us. In Maine. Maybe when the weather gets a little cooler. I prefer cool weather camping to hot weather camping.

Anyways, you must read this fantastic camping story as told by my favorite Canadian knitter. There is danger and peril just around the bend, pretty photos of nature, the fanciest loo in the wild and a loss-with-quick recovery involving something called a DPN*. Surely not to be missed!

* double pointed needle. Used primarily to knit socks, but also makes a handy cherry pitter and can jimmy a locked bathroom door open.

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