Wednesday, November 14, 2007

why I should quit my day job

Today I received an email from someone at my corporate office telling me that I have been selected as one of three to be featured in the "Getting to Know" portion of our upcoming company newsletter. (Actually she wrote 'Getting to Know' which I must point out, cause I really dislike the girl and it irked me. It irks me now. I could barely type it.)

I was asked to provide my contact info (phone number and email address), my "department" so to speak and number of years I had been with the company. All info that they have access to as m points out. Also they want me to write a brief bit of my personal interests/hobbies.

Realise that this is information for a newsletter that will come out in December that will be dated "Fall/Summer 2007." Realise too that it will just sit in a stack on my reception area coffee table where it will be overlooked by everyone who enters my office and that I will eventually recycle them when I think enough time has passed. And lastly, please note that this will become new chatting fodder for the freaks at the corporate office who now have an opportunity to talk to my husband. Who is less than thrilled at the prospect.

The following discussion between me and m ensued:

J ... how bout this: Jean is an arts and crafts enthusiast. Her husband and cats look forward to the day when she covers her home (and them) with knit-sewn-quilted-screenprinted-bedazzled-doodled cozies. Her crafting exploits and recipes will be revealed in the memoirs which she plans to self-publish after she secures the perfect letterpress on ebay.
M ... no
J ... i had a feeling you would be against it. i'm not going to be able to do this
M ... you sound like a woman who lives in the woods
J ... good
M ... or the house you don't go to on Halloween
J ... perfect!
J ... i'll do it!!
M ... just tell them you like reading and running and the beach
M ... those are the 3 everyone says
J... but i don't like to run
M ... who cares?


Tip Junkie said...

Cute post!! That would be intimidating but I'm sure you'll end up with something great.

"Sancho" said...

Jean! I totally overlooked this wonderful sample of J/M dialogue! Lovely! I think you should leave the salt-mines, move to the woods, not run, and knit yourself a yurt, and, bedazzle everything in sight. M would look rather dashing in a matching bedazzled cardigan and cap and the cats, well, what couldn't you do with cat-wear? So, yeah, just quit. Oh, and I quit MY day-job this very day... gulp!