Wednesday, December 12, 2007


How about you include a suggestions section somewhere on your site or on the dashboard area? Some folks out here in the blogging world might have some good ideas for y'all to use to improve your product.

For example, I find it mighty inconvenient to create a post with such a small window to work in. Wordpress has the ability to increase the size of your window with a click and drag method. If I'm just typing up copy that's one thing. But some users like to include photos (several) and your system for loading photos is limited. All photos load at the top of the page. You have click and drag the photo to where you want it on your post (if you have lots of text that you are incorporating with photos). With a small window that you can't enlarge and because the photos always load to the top of the screen, it's a little more work to create posts that have lots of texts and lots of photos.

Thank you.
Have a great day.

PS. Kudos on allowing posters to incorporate video.
PPS. Good job also on that subscribe to comments by email function.

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