Thursday, December 27, 2007

our christmas...

... and more fartin' around with the camera

I can't believe the year is nearly over. I know everyone says that. But really. The year. It's almost over. Shazam.

Neither m nor I took any time off since we'd decided to stay put for the holidays. This week was a short one at work but man did it feel long. More on that in a bit.

M and I are a little non-traditional with the holidays. We're not extravagant gift-givers to begin with and with our mish-mosh of religious practices and upbringings none of the usual traditions feel right for us. So our Christmases are usually quiet affairs with the two of us at home just hanging out. I actually forgot to dig out the tree this year. Maybe when we have kids we'll start new traditions for our family.

On Christmas Eve, we did end up going for a walk on the beach. The dolphin beach, as it were.

It was unreasonably bright.

And rather warm, actually.

And there were these teeny little trees that the parks and recreation people had planted in the sand.

Here's a photo for scale lest you think those were boulders next to a fully grown evergreen.

We drove back to our home as the sun was setting. It was lovely.

The city becomes desolate around this time of year. I think it's all the transplants from the east coast or the Midwest gone home for the holidays. They'll be back the first week of the new year ready to reclaim their Hollywood lives.

Until then, we are enjoying a city with little to no traffic.

Good times.

Hope your Christmas was as exciting as crumpled wrapping paper and empty boxes is to a cat.

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