Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the best tasting jerk sauce that perhaps isn't

I want to give a shout out to a great jerk sauce that I used the other night. I found it at Whole Foods when I needed jerk sauce for a completely different meal that I can't recall at this moment. Anyways, it's called Nanny's and whoo-baby! It is so good. So freaking good. So good that I start to wonder if maybe I might be the only person who feels this about Nanny's jerk sauce. I mean, m ate the same meal with me and he certainly wasn't going on and on about the jerk sauce. Then again we are sort of opposites in the food palate.

M prefers sweet flavored things. Aside from the obvious stuff like ice cream and chocolate, I always get high compliments when I cook dinners that cater to the sweet tastes. Stuff like orange chicken, sweet and sour and honey roast chicken are his favorite meals. I tend to favor the savory tastes like garlic anything, salty anything, pickled anything. Garlic, pickled salt sounds like it should be my favorite food item (mmm.. I might be on to something here).

Anyways the weird thing is I don't think Nanny's is even the best jerk sauce out there. Maybe I shouldn't say best, that's sort of subjective isn't it? It's not... how do I say this? it's not jerky enough. I don't know. Maybe not enough tamarind or vinegar? And it's got a smokey barbecue-ish flavor that is a little stronger than I'd expect in a jerk sauce. But who knows. Maybe this is how jerk sauce ought to be and I am ignorant. Or I suspect that everyone has their own version of jerk sauce and this one is just a little different than what I've had in the past.

An-y-ways. It's got a little kick so be warned. When I used it for jerk chicken, I added it to a pan friend chicken (whole chicken cut up into its parts, pan fried in olive oil for about 30 minutes on each side until cooked through) and served with steamed purple kale (fun color) and some rice with black beans. I couldn't stop spooning the sauce onto my rice. Ooh. Yummy. For lunch yesterday I had rice and beans with kale and more of the jerk sauce. I'm out of kale so I bought more at the store to steam up and also bought more sauce to add to it. I'll be eating this for lunch every day this week. Maybe next week too. Unless I get my hands on some garlic pickled salt first. Then I'll probably have that for lunch in bliss instead.

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