Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Capitol Press

I'm researching printers and sort of re-stumbled across Capitol Press's business card in my address book. I was lucky enough to be able to take a tour of their facility years ago while in graphic design school. Very cool. I remember particularly enjoying their letterpress section. One of my designer friends used their services speaking well of them and more recently another colleague mentioned that they use Capitol Press with happy results.

I just checked out their website and was pleased to see that they offer a really nice guideline for graphic designers who work in print. It's called their Printing Essentials and includes useful things like paper grade classifications, a chart of folds and scoring,



a conversion table for points, picas, inches and millimeters and much, much more!

I have a feeling that they may be out of my price range for the kinds of printing services I need at this time and place. But it's good to remember that they are out there and I'll definitely be checking back in the future.

5306 Beethoven Street
Los Angeles, CA 90066

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