Friday, January 4, 2008

just not feeling it

I really ought to be more productive today. But I just feel like this:

It's actually not the sunny golden color kind of day as pictured above (these were from a few days ago). It's supposed to rain and storm in the southland for the next few days (thank goodness!) and I'm sure it must be doing so somewhere around here. But in my neighborhood, it's just been an overcast kind of day that insists I stay in my pj's and sip hot chai lazing around like the cats.

Although, I Have gotten some vacuuming done.

Rats. The roomba is stuck. I'll have to rescue it. So much for that kind of productivity.

Maybe I'll just make a list. Try not to get too ahead of myself.
So changing out of pj's is definitely out of the question.
Okay. Good work everyone.

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