Tuesday, February 12, 2008

thrift store score

Dudes. Check out what I picked up today:

That's right. It's a sleeve ironing board. Useful for easily ironing long sleeve shirts and any little corners of fabric.

But check out the fantastic craftsmanship! Here's the board with the top part swiveling into the "open position" See that wing nut there?

That wing nut says, give me a little twist to open'er up.

With the wing nut in the fully upright position, the sleeve ironing board can be completely opened.

But that's not all...

Twist that wing nut back to secure the open sleeve ironing board so that it stays put.

In the open and upright position, it's ready for all your sleeve ironing needs. Sorta looks like a bird ready to take flight to me...

And this, probably my favorite part. I wish more of it were intact so I could read what the clever graphic designers of yore had written.

It needs a new cover which I can easily whip up but I am pleased as punch with my thrifty purchase. I love the mechanics, the old instruction copy and that it's made of wood and metal. I actually got a sleeve ironing board at the same thrift store a few months back, a cast off Target model made of metal, particle board and plastic. I ripped off the cover since it was a little shabby but never got around to replacing it so I never used it. But also, it was a little wider and shorter than this one so I'll donate it to Goodwill and use my "new" sleeve ironing board.

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