Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm so tired this week. It's kind of annoying actually cause my body and energy level can't keep up with my over active brain. I did get a little buzz making some granola this morning cause I have all this stuff left over from...gulp... a year ago? longer? when I made granola for xmas gifts. The dried fruit and nuts have been sitting in my fridge and then my freezer since then, untouched. Well it seems like a waste to throw it away, so I decided to give the ole granola recipe a try. If it's no good, I would have had to throw it out anyways.

My father in law really liked it but did mention that it made him go a lot. Given the um, integrity of some of the ingredients, this batch might (at the very worst) intensify the results.

(*Sur-name has been changed to protect the innocent)

And of course when I told my brother about it, he thought it would make a fine name for the granola. I couldn't resist whipping one up. For comparison, I wanted to show the labels I made previously, but I can't find my file of the labels I made for the xmas gift granola. It was prettier, more festive and less scatological. Use your imagination.

More in food news, I can't stop eating this:

That would be a toasted bread slice with a slather of goat cheese topped with sliced strawberries and drizzled with honey on top. Really the honey is a bit of an overkill as the berries were already quite sweet. But that dribbly bit in the foreground is so irresistible. I was using multi-grain lots'o seeds bread from Whole Foods (not the official name), but this morning there was a considerable amount of the peasant loaf left over from last night's dinner (mostly a total flop that I won't even bother telling you about because it drains me and kinda grosses me out to re-live it in the telling) that I sliced up and toasted for this tasty breakfast.

And a blurry photo of my other favorite way to eat strawberries:

I got three pints of berries from the farmer's market last week and have been in strawberry heaven. They were so pretty and red, and the custard sauce so very very good. I considered making a tart with a crust and the custard and then the pretty strawberries lining the tart with their pointy sides up. But then realized that no one (that would be me) needs the extra fat calories from the crust and I'd do well enough to just eat this as it was.

Here's my favorite brand of custard mix to use. I used to buy it in boxes and open up one envelope at a time. Now it seems they sell it in a cardboard bucket. I find the powder a bit disturbingly pink. Strangely, as soon as it makes contact with the milk, it turns into that lovely custard yellow color. And the ingredients are basically cornstarch, salt, vanilla and annato (a sort of pepper? I think?) for coloring so I really don't get why that is. I suspect science is involved. I'll leave it at that.

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