Monday, March 31, 2008

what she "wonts"

My neice A is going to be 8 years old next week. Odd that I keep thinking she's much older. On top of which her tastes seem to run even older than I thought she was (I expect there will be demands for a car within the next year or so). I was out of ideas for birthday gifts so I decided to go straight to the source for some suggestions.

We've been carrying on an entertaining email correspondence. I was happy to hear that she and her family enjoyed a nice easter, she is at home right now, she is 7 and in the 4th/3rd grade and all she wonts for her birthday is a bulldog. (It cracks me up how kids write everything in one sentence. But hey, I wasn't even able to type at her age.)

I thought she was afraid of dogs and probed further but no, she confirmed that she wonts a bulldog because she wonts a small dog. I asked her, okay fine but after a bulldog, what else would you want? And she wrote back that she only wonts a bulldog, that is all.

I can't imagine that bulldog magnets will even come close, but what's an auntie to do?

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