Monday, April 7, 2008

busy... but somehow still crafting

So I decided to add to the birthday magnets with some barrettes. I totally stole the idea from Amy (even the photo styling it seems). My niece A has the perfect hair for barrettes. Maybe she'll like some made by her auntie jean?

I did change it up a bit with the backs. Keeping the barrettes attached to their little sleeping bags made my backs ugly. So I covered them up completely. Also, my dorky graphic design self is pretty giddy about the packaging. Pretty simple, but it just pulls it all together so nicely, I think.

I'm kinda in love with these and wish I could be 8 again so I could wear these. Or even 20. I think a 20 year old could pull it off in that art school punky kind of way, don't you?

Tomorrow's the birthday. I'll call her up to wish her a happy one. I'm too embarrassed to ask about my gifts when I call my nieces on their birthdays (the nephew can't talk just yet so we're in the clear with him. More or less.). What if they hate them or are indifferent and perhaps too polite to mention it? I have issues with gifts. More on that later. Let's not be such a downer today, okay?

Happy birthday A!

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