Sunday, May 11, 2008

thumbs up - thrift stores of Fresno

I forgot to talk about my thrift store venture after our Yosemite trip. I haven't been to a thrift store since H's visit. It's just been that kind of busy around here.

We stopped off in Fresno on our way up to Yosemite and noticed a string of thrift stores in the downtown area. I have a friend who lives in Fresno and I remembered him telling me about some great finds in his local thrift stores. So of course I was curious to check it out for myself after the trip on our way home. I scored the above teacup at the last store I walked through. I really like the color.

And these stacking tulip shaped bowls (I love their little notches on the inside so that they stack perfectly). I have another dish from a different thrift store purchase that I think came from the same family. Same lines, same colors (slightly greener aqua, whereas this one has more powder blue in the aqua) but with a little partition in the middle. I can't figure out what these were originally intended for. Condiments? Sauces? For now, they are just stacked on a little shelf in my kitchen above my cookbooks and food mags.

Fresno thrift stores ROCK, by the way. Very well organized. LOTS of selection. Lots of variety of selection. It was bake-your-brains hot that day and none of the stores seemed to have AC, so it was a brief trip in and out of each one (I stopped into 4, the 5th was closed). I don't have too many occasions to be in Fresno, but if I ever am again a visit to their downtown is a must.

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Jean&Dylan said...

Hi Jean!
I just read your comment on my L&G blog about how we have the same name! That's so funny! I have to say you're the first Jean Lee I've met...I've only gotten as close as someone who's named Jeannie Lee. :)
I noticed that those vintage teal and white bowls are the same style as this creamer I have on my vintage L&G etsy store. I also sold a matching casserole dish I a while back. It's a great line!
Thanks for your nice comment.