Monday, June 16, 2008

go celtics!

Last night I went to Game 5 of the NBA Finals. M got the executive tickets from work! These seats are right in the midst of the press section. What a treat for my Boston sports fan.

Check out how cool my camera's zoom lens is! I was able to get a few decent shots from clear across the Staples Center. These were during the pre-game, I was too tense to try and shoot any of the actual game.

KG is so hard to shoot (with a camera, that is). The man never kept still for a minute.

Leon Powe, my sentimental favorite. Have you heard his story? It's a tremendous one of someone achieving the American Dream against lots of adversity. And a fine bench player too.

There were celebrity fans.

I think Jack's my favorite Lakers' fan. He really gets into the game, unlike say... oh the rest of the people at the game rooting for the Lakers. It's hard to respect the L.A. fans. Much like this blog post, they seem to be more interested in the celebrities than the game.

Of course Mark Wahlberg was there representing for Boston (Though he left at the beginning of the 4th quarter and did not return. Why Mark, why?).

Oh, and Matt Damon too (in the green cap). He stayed for the full game and seemed to find something very funny he kept laughing.

Here's my favorite Boston fan (a little blurry though) with friends Lee and Val.

Bummed that the Celtics did not clinch the championship with this game, but secretly a little relieved because I feared I would get beat up wearing my Celtics shirt. Is that wrong?

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