Saturday, June 7, 2008

she plots, again

So I was browsing the latest online copy of ReadyMade the other day (remember when I talked about that? Seems they have put up some additional back issues online. All for free! Check it out!) when I came across this page talking up summer camps for adults (sort of). And this bit caught my eye:

Which led me to that link. Which got me thinking (plotting)...

My understanding of how Habitat for Humanity works is that volunteers usually need to raise a lot of money to fund their trip/volunteer project (I have no direct experience with this, just a few conversations with former volunteers). So while I've always thought that this organization sounded like they were doing a very cool thing, I found the 30K startup money to join them a bit intimidating.

But it looks like the New Orleans Habitat project is run a little differently? I browsed around a bit on their site and it looks like it could be doable for me and m.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Take 10-14 days off of work.
Fly to New Orleans and put in some volunteer work with them for the first week.
Stay at their camp to help keep the expenses low.
Learn a whole bunch of stuff about home building, meet some new people, give time and willingness to a very good cause.
Week two, spend a more leisurely and touristy time in the other parts of New Orleans.

Doesn't that sound fabulous? M and I are interested in doing this trip sometime this fall or perhaps next spring when the weather is bearable (I don't recommend summertime in the south. The humidity will kill you. No, no, it will just render you so weak that you won't even have the energy to die.), but it would be super fun to do this trip with friends.

So. Who's with me??

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