Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So many posters, so little wall space...

If I had as much space as I pleased, I would purchase these posters from the Keep Calm Gallery (and many others from many other places).

Get Lost from graphic designer Douglas Wilson. He screened these onto old maps.

Also from Douglas Wilson:

I admire his work muchly.

PS. Check out his photographs if you have a spare moment. Very nice.

From London based artist Hazell Nicholls:

I think it was originally intended to be an advert for English biscuits of the same name. Very clever. And I like the phrase.

Also from Hazell Nicholls:

Like the nice modernists, I have an affinity for nice designers so this phrase appeals to me.

And lastly from Lucas & Hayley, the two who run the Keep Calm Gallery:

Why yes, it certainly does.

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