Tuesday, July 15, 2008

time waster, but in the best way

I think I may have emailed or blogged this before, if so let's revisit the genius that is wordle. Input a bunch of text (your favorite Shakespearean sonnet? song lyrics? movie quotes? inspirational messages? you can also paste in the URL of your favorite site) hit go and end up with word art. The typography nerd in me is so jazzed.

Here, song lyrics from Al Green's Let's Stay Together admittedly edited to produce the following results (the faq will give you some tips on that):

There's color options too, but I prefer the graphic quality of these in black and white.

Also reminds me of those fabulous city neighborhood posters by Ork that are making the rounds of all the design blogs.

I enjoyed this so much, I did three different ones in three different fonts. Oh yeah, they have a bunch of fonts to choose from as well.

Found out about this from Gregory at Apartment Therapy LA.

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