Thursday, August 21, 2008

2.5D (stills)

Just got wind of a children's magazine. Hm... well, it's not a magazine for children. But I wouldn't call it a parenting magazine either because it's not like they give advice on parenting. But they feature fashion and products for kids as well as some crafts and activities that parents can do with their kids. What genre would you call that?


They featured an illustrator named Jayme McGowan who did a layout with what I can only describe as 2.5D stills. Like 2.5D animation there's a mix of flat+depth. It's just cool. See?

I love that this is their spread for their clothes. All the images have captions with designer's info on the articles of clothing. What a creative idea for a spread!

The rest of the magazine is pretty awesome too. I find myself drawn to children fashions. Particularly the mod kids fashions. I think I like the simplicity of their clothing. Most of the time I save images thinking to myself: I could totally make this... for me! Check out the rest of the magazine for a visual treat.

Small Magazine

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