Friday, August 29, 2008

more blast from the past: cowboy sushi hoe-down

Junior year:

Boys rollin' sushi.

Girls rolling sushi.


meteowrite said...

Two things:
1) wow. We all look really young.

2) Did we really have that bear poster hung on the wall? I have absolutely no recollection of that poster.

jean said...

Dude! We look SO YOUNG!

Um that bear poster, if I remember correctly was quite a point of contention.

It might have been Viv's. And there might have been some squeaky pleading from her to keep the bears on the grounds of super-cuteness.

It might have been Ness's and maybe she gave a reasonable-sounding-ish reason that no one wanted to argue.

And so the poster stayed. I can't imagine you nor I were thrilled. I'd forgotten about it until I dug up the photos. Probably wanted to block this from my memory.