Friday, August 8, 2008

muffin man animation

I love the simplicity of this clay(?)mation movie. It's an ad for a Canadian bank's investment services and as much as I am wary of the idea of local shops headed towards large scale growth and mega branding, this is a fine example to illustrate this kind of growth if you are into that stuff. Also, I like the way the animators tell the story by zooming out. Click on the image to go to the quicktime movie. It's just a few seconds long and doesn't take too much time to load.


jean beaumont said...

Après une telle réussite, les gros problèmes commencent ... méfiance!

meteowrite said...

Is it me, or are you experiencing a claymation renaissance. A Claynaissance if you will. If you are indeed experiencing a Claynaissance, I must ask if you have enjoyed Wallace and Grommit movies. Please tell me you have. If you haven't, get thee to thy Netflix queue!! You should really watch "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" for all the cute bunnies. But they are all truly brilliant.

jean said...

I can't say I've seen any rumblings of a Claynaissance going on (and I'd like to think that I have my finger on the pulse of such things, otherwise I'd better rethink my feed reader subscriptions). But there certainly are some fun ones making the youtube type circuits.

Wallace and Grommit are AWESOME! We did see their movie. The same guy had a full length feature... something to do with chickens? I need to make sure M has it on my queue. All those flopsy bunnies in Were-Rabbit! Did that just get you right there or what??