Tuesday, August 5, 2008

then up to Doylestown, PA


We left Carlisle on Friday. Amy's parents are collectors and after I oohed and ahhed over their vintage pharmaceuticals collection in the bathrooms (really), Amy's dad pointed us towards an impressive antiques market in downtown Carlisle. The boys kindly let me browse for a few minutes before we headed out of town.

Wow. That place was pretty freaking amazing. Like the Valhalla of thrift stores. I didn't want to drive M and Ian crazy so I kept my browsings short and didn't buy anything. But I could have spent a month there. Something to remember for future visits to the area.

When we got to our destination we met up with the rest of the guys at a Mexican restaurant which we sort of got kicked out from after a few hours of beers and loud obnoxious talk. It's really not surprising if you've ever spent a few minutes with these guys. And I got to meet Jeff's main squeeze Suzanne and of course Dan's fiance (also another), Amy.

It was a good time. Just tiring from meeting so many people and having lots of small talk. I'm sort of a shut-in these days with working from home so I'm not used to being around so many people in one place and I'm not used to talking to people. But it was a good time. It was fun to hang out with M's friends. They are funny dudes. And I guess they're getting older because they didn't drink as much as they used to or cut up as much as they used to. And it was nice to have some girls to talk to with the Amys and Suzanne around.

The wedding was beautiful. These two got slated as the "face of the wedding" as they were the first to greet guests and direct everyone to the ceremony location.

The ceremony was outside on the lovely grounds of Aldie Mansion. Here's Ian's wife Amy and Jeff's girlfriend Suzanne.

Dan, the groom, looked handsome watching his bride walk down the aisle.

Amy and her dad.

It was a lovely ceremony.

The reception was also at Aldie Mansion.

I dropped my camera on the brick sidewalk (!) just before the wedding and miracle of all miracles it seems to be still working. But some of the shots for the rest of the day have a weird fuzzy blurred bit of light in the center so my photos are a little wonky.

But don't Amy and Ian look nice?

And Jeff and Suzanne too? They just took the BAR exam a few days before the wedding. Suzanne's a self-described goody-two shoes and interested in practicing environmental law. I told her we need more people like her getting into law school.

Hey, that dress looks familiar.

These fellas clean up good.

Random Fact: Chad and Dan were roommates for a few years in undergrad.

They love candid photos.

They really do.

Afterwards we settled in at a bar in downtown Doylestown for some disgusting bar food (and believe it or not at a restaurant chain called Friendly's after that for some disgusting dessert). Disgusting in that really good but bad for you way. It felt a little bit like after prom. And we were really tired.

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jean beaumont said...

Très chics!
Except some people ... drunk?