Monday, September 15, 2008

Lookybook (yet another account)

Edited to add: It seems like Google's Feed Reader doesn't support the embedded video that Lookybook uses. So you'll have to go to my blog directly (or lookybook's site) to view it. Not sure how other feedreaders deal with this, though. Sorry 'bout that.

I love childrens' books. The illustrations are marvelous and the stories are great. So I just opened up an account with Lookybook a free service where you can flip through children's books and have the option to purchase them through a few online services if you so desire. You can create a bookshelf of your favorites and browse other folks' bookshelves. I just flipped through a highly recommended book called Bad Kitty. It is very charming. Delightful even. I might have to pick up a copy for the nieces.

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