Friday, October 31, 2008

10 things I learned from my visit to New England

1. Shooting photos through a tinted minivan window is almost like using a polarizing filter. Almost.

2. I like photographing pumpkins.

3. Some folks like to get high while they get warm.

4. This place has the better cookies according to my authorities.

5. I preferred their blueberry pie.

6. Jesus, is the foliage gorgeous!

7. We don't seem to have these cute berry baskets at the markets in L.A.

8. I enjoyed 4 out of the 6 beers at the Red Hook brewery.

8a. Blonde ale is refreshing.
8b. Hefeweizen had lots of nutrients.

9. I will never tire of looking at the ocean.

10. New England has the best seafood restaurants*

11. They're not shy with their butter.**

12. Mum and the old guy (note his hat says: Old Guys Rule, the back says: Aged To Perfection) are wonderful hosts. Actually, I already knew that so it wasn't something I learned.

13. Not specific to New England, but: Regis and Kelly sure are charming.
14. And also: That Kathy Lee sure is an asshole.

15. I am amused by the signage in Maine.

Click on this one to enlarge and read their fine print.

A few more photos on my flickr account.

* Unofficial survey conducted. Okay, not really conducted per se.
** Okay, so not really 10 things.

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