Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm not that good at cooking it. I do fine if it's cut up into little strips and seasoned into submission with an array of spices. That I can do. But a nice cut of beef cooked as a roast or as a steak? Ooh, that's hard. Most nights I serve up a passable version of either (usually a little undercooked because I am so worried about overcooking it and having to gnaw through my meal) and end up with lots left over. M never really minds because then that means I usually carve it up into really thin slices and add it to soup or cook it quick and top a salad with it, or grill some onions and mushrooms for a steak and cheeze sandwich. Calzones are another favorite go-to repair of my disaster with beef.

On this particular evening, I was trying to recreate a simple steak dish that I got once at a fancy schmancy restaurant (the kind where they charge you 18 bucks for a bowl of macaroni and cheese) during a work lunch. It was a flat iron steak (I think) seared medium well and then cut into strips and served on a bed of fresh arugula. The bite of the arugula undermines the richness of the steak. I was doubtful of the menu description, but my lunch companion swore by the dish so I went ahead and ordered it. And it was darned good. Mine turned out less so. Meat was too undercooked. M enjoyed it the next day cut up into thick strips and sauteed in a little olive oil in a hearty sandwich.

At least the sides came out as I planned. The menu was steaks with a drizzle of demi-glace over a fresh bed of arugula served with garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed broccoli with caramelized onions and fresh lima beans from the farmers market. I guess it's a steep learning curve as far as steaks and roasts are concerned.


jean beaumont said...

Bon app├ętit!

Nathan said...

Next time you visit Jenn I'm happy to teach you the secrets to beef one usually only learns as a native Texan.

jean said...

Thanks, NIL! That would be swell!!