Monday, December 1, 2008


Another thing I seem to stink at cooking. I think I worry that I will overcook it and the scallop will be all tough and chewy.

The night I made this meal, I wasn't paying close attention and added way too much salt to everything. So that was tough going while eating the meal.

For the scallops I used this recipe. I didn't care for it. I think the cornstarch made the sauce a little too thick, kind of cloying. Or maybe it was the apple cider. Some folks in the reviews section recommended balsamic vinegar instead. But that still wouldn't account for the gooey thickness that the cornstarch imparted.

Also, I wasn't paying attention (I must have been distracted that night, I tell you) and I added the bacon too soon. It should have been sprinkled just as you serve it. So that it stays crisp. Instead, I ended up simmering it in the sauce and so it was sort of soggy and not as good.

Still M enjoyed the meal. And Pekoe who thinks that he's a begging dog, circled the table begging a few times. When we ignored his pleas, he remembered that he is a cat after all and jumped from the ground to M's shoulders. Hoping for a taste? I don't know. He's a determined kitty.

And a good jumper. He can jump over 7 feet high without a running start if he's got his mind set on it.

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