Tuesday, January 20, 2009

oh my god, I am so sick of being sick

and also, this is about french toast

As I lay limp and sicky last night on my couch, I suddenly thought of french toast. I told M that I wanted to make him stuffed french toast when I'm not sick anymore. Hopefully this weekend will be it.

I imagine buying a nice loaf of uncut sandwich bread and then cutting it into extra thick slices on my own at home. I'll have to cut a slit into each slice carefully on the thin side and then let all the slices sit out on a tray to get stale. That'll be for a few hours at the least. Usually I leave bread out overnight to stale that I intend to make into french toast (soaks up the custard better that way). Might be a good idea to put a spoon or something into the slit so that they open up a bit as they harden. That way the bread won't break/crumble when I try to stuff them.

Then the fillings.

For M, I'll sautee sliced pears in butter and add a splash of rum or brandy at the end. Maybe a little brown sugar too. Then I'll melt some nice dark chocolate and carefully fold the pears into it. Scoop up the pear+chocolate combo and gently stuff the sliced bread pouches. Add the stuffed slices of bread to the batter consisting of eggs, milk and a splash of vanilla. Gently turning the slice to coat each side. Add to a buttered hot pan to grill to perfection. Mmmmmm...

For me I'd like to experiment with a toasted pecan+brown sugar+cinnamon stuffing. Could also consider a peanut butter+chocolate or peanut butter+fruit preserve stuff as well. I would need to make a lot of coffee. Probably decaf.

Gods, I cannot wait to stop being sick so that I can get back in the kitchen.

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