Thursday, February 19, 2009


I mean come on! Where the hell was this water dispenser back when I was shopping for my Brita??

[image from the Aquaovo site]

I love the form of this smaller dispenser, but if it's going to hold water in my household, I'd do well to order the bigger Eve-esque (from Wall.E) version.

[image from the Aquaovo site]

So totally unfair that it's beautiful and affordable (whoops! I just realized I translated the price incorrectly. It's a pretty penny to own one of these so I don't feel so bad about my Brita) and not mine. More info here.

Okay, I calmed down a bit to go back to the website and read further. The smaller egg is just a beverage dispenser. The Eve-esque form is a water filter. They have a comprehensive brochure that you can download to read more about it. I'm sold. Except for the fact that we already purchased a Brita Brick about a month ago. Anyone want to buy a gently used Brita with three free filters? I could get you a good price ;) the cost for one of these is more like a hefty car payment. Not as appealing when it costs so much, though I do think it's beautiful and looks well designed.

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