Thursday, March 26, 2009

well this absence will certainly do nothing for my analytics stats

Wowsers. I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post.

And usually I have so much to say...

The main reason for my prolonged absence is that M and I packed the cats in the car and took a road trip across the country. We left March 2 and drove a middlish route over Interstate 40. The trip was part vacation and part relocation means. We love living in L.A. but we wanted to be closer to his family and also buy a house. And L.A.'s real estate market for the neighborhoods we're interested in are simply out of our range.

So now we are on the east coast. When we left L.A. we were headed to New Hampshire to hunker down for a spell while we looked for work and tried to figure out the best neighborhood for us to live in the Boston area. But since we got here a week and a half ago we're run into the possibility that we could end up living in the southern part of Connecticut. M's there now for work while I'm holed up at his parents seaside cottage.

But the trip. Oh, the trip was awesome. I think everyone should take a trip like this at least once in their lives. M's already done it once before with his college buddies. They meandered across Interstate 10 which cuts through the south. I'd love to check out that route and also the one that cuts through the nothern states.

We saw lots of very interesting things. I took loads of photos (most of them are on M's laptop which is with him in CT) which I must go through and organize before I can share any of them. I'm looking forward to going through them again since I didn't take as good as notes as I'd thought I'd do on our trip. It was far too interesting to sit and watch the country roll pass and when we stopped for the day and hung out in our motel room, I was just too darned tired to try and express it all. Hopefully I took enough photos to jog my memory.

Until I have a chance to get to blogging about my trip, next up are my notes on a white bean turkey chili I made the other night. Back soon.

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