Tuesday, July 14, 2009

fish dish

The halibut looked awesome at the market the other night. And it was on sale(!). I'm hit or miss with cooking thick cuts of fish but last night's dinner came out great. I loosely followed this recipe which is a variation on my usual dredge-fish-fry-remove from pan-add lemon juice, wine and capers and serve. The key to this fish's success was following the recipe's suggested time for cooking each side of the fish. I followed that pretty closely and was pleased to end up with a fully cooked fish that was still tender and moist. Yum.

I wasn't really thinking about the side dishes when I was concentrating on the fish so this menu is a little weird. I served roasted beets and some leftover roasted potatoes from a few nights back. I mean I could have done better with the sides to have them compliment the fish, but I think it was still a tasty dinner.

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