Thursday, August 20, 2009

adobo (I like to say this word)

Tonight for dinner I made Chicken Adobo. I haven't made this in quite a while. I remember the first time I made it, m came home from work to the smells of this aromatic dish. He said that when he was getting out of the car he could smell an awesome dinner that someone was going to have. Then when he walked through the front door he realized that he was going to be the one having an awesome dinner.

I tried something different with the chicken tonight. I'm still not sure it was a good idea. At the last bit when you're frying up the chicken in a little oil to brown the sides after it's sat simmering in soy sauce and vinegar for a good part of an hour, I added some honey to the fry pan after the chicken had gotten nice and brown. I think the sweet competes a bit too much with the tangy, savory, slightly smokey-peppery chicken.

Usually I cut up a head of cauliflower and let it cook in the marinating juices (which you're supposed to let reduce after you take the chicken out). I think cauliflower is a misunderstood vegetable. At least this way, it soaks up some of the savory sauce and makes it a bit more palatable for otherwise objectioning diners.

There was also rice and a salad of sorts I cobbled together from leftover steamed broccoli, greens and cucumbers (sesame seed oil+rice wine vinegar dressing).

I got the recipe from epicurious years ago (2002??) and whaddaya know? It's still there.

PS. I read the reviews and it looks like some adobo-cooks add a bit of brown sugar to the sauce. Interesting idea. Maybe that will work out better than my honey experiment.

PPS. M says he likes the addition of honey to the chicken. I'll try brown sugar next time and if it doesn't suit me stick to the honey.

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