Thursday, November 5, 2009

socks, socks

and one more pair that I forgot to photograph... dammit.

modified "Conwy" for cousin T. I have got to get these in the mail.

And manly velvet plum anklets for my favorite circus artist. I have to wash these and get them in the mail too.

Ravelry details for the green socks here and the purple ones here. You have to be a ravelry member to see 'em (it's easy and quick to register!).


natalie said...

Those are rad! I am drawn to the striping and multicolored wonderballs of sock yarn, but so often the knitted socks I love the best are a more solid color to show off the pattern. Snazz-tastic!

jean said...

sweetpea, is that YOU??

Thanks! I agree solid yarns do show off cables and stitch patterns best. I'm just sort of burned out on knitting them and want to knit up some pretty socks quickly.

natalie said...

Dude. Just eight words for you: 6-ply Regia Kaffe Fasset Design Line Sock Yarn.

Took a break from navy blue endless boy socks to whip up a pair of stripey socks for Mama Lozier. Instant gratification, like a little pop tart. I recommend it.

And my warm regards to Leftie!

jean said...

Yowsers, that Kaffe Fasset stuff is snazzy! I think that's just what the doctor ordered.

I did find nice gratification in a pair of gloves knit in worsted. I started them Friday night on a whim (shh... don't tell the rest of my unfinished projects that I am messing around with a new project) and I'm almost done with the pair. Wow. Worsted. I could so get used to this kind of quick-knit gratification.