Wednesday, December 2, 2009

and now I'm hungry

How have I not been to Jennifer Causey's wonderful blog Simple Breakfasts yet?

(photo by Jennifer Causey)

Every morning she takes a photograph of the breakfast she eats. The photos are beautiful, the breakfasts look wonderful. I love seeing her collection of plates and cloth napkins. Sometimes you get a peek at what she's reading/browsing during her meal. And I love the variety of healthy breakfasts she features. What an inspiration! And it makes me crave eggs over easy which I can't eat right now because I'm preggos. But don't let that stop you. Go on over there and check it out.

PS. She writes a description of the breakfast in the comments.

1 comment:

Gado-Gado Gal said...

I love Simply Breakfast, too! I think I really just love looking at photos of food as a substitute for actually eating the food =)