Friday, January 8, 2010

best of 2009 - book cover design Part III

(I skipped over part II because none of the covers featured there jumped out at me. You should go over and take a look though.)

Here are my favorites from the post at The Book Design Review.

Cool compositions and collage-y style:

(both designed by Gregg Kulick)

This one too:

(no designer credit listed on my source site)

This book is called: The Interrogative Mood: A Novel? Don't you just love it??

(design by Alison Forner)

Love the type treatment and illustration of this one:

(design by Jaya Miceli)

So much to love about this one, the limited color palette, the use of negative space, the hand-lettering in the title. Mmm...

(no designer credit listed on my source site)

And of course this one caught my eye with its Russian Constructivist type treatment. I love how the designer used the staircase for the angles and also the overhead framing of the image.

(no designer credit listed on my source site)

Here is the full post from The Book Design Review. Check it out.

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