Wednesday, January 6, 2010

our sort of coup

I realise that this isn't going to be as significant if you don't live in my home and know these two as intimately as M and I do.

But anytime these two are caught snuggling is a rare-ish event (admittedly less so these days in their first experience of a New England winter). And this is only the second time maybe that I've ever seen them in the basket together. The basket is sometimes a coveted, fought after spot.

Case in point (photo circa two years ago):

the battlecats

But the significance of today's photo is that Pekoe (the orange tabby) was already in the basket. And the Och (chubby white tabby) is the one who approached him and squeezed her ample rump in beside him. Unheard of! I don't think the Och ever got over being usurped as the only cat. She never took too kindly to the arrival of the smaller younger kitten who eats her food and tries to play with her at any ole time of day. It just lacks dignity, I tell you.

I think she's pissed that she has to get body heat from him, of all people. Er, cats.

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