Friday, March 4, 2011

I thought I'd share a useful tip I figured out. I picked up a bunch of great children's books at the thrift store and wanted to clean them up. I used a bottle with a spray top that mists and filled it with rubbing alcohol. I mist the covers and even the pages with alcohol and fan them out to dry. Ta-dah! Germ-free books! (Most of those books will be saved for when leftie is old enough to read her books instead if destroying them.)

In a similar vein, I keep a bottle of alcohol free hand sanitizer in my diaper bag. When I need to wash leftie's hands but don't want to grapple with a yucky public restroom I spritz her hands with hand sanitizer, rub in and then wipe off any residue with her baby wipes. This way I figure I get her clean of germs but can feel okay if she decides to stick her fingers in her mouth (inevitable).

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