Saturday, July 2, 2011

me (at 23 weeks) + leftie + jr. on Peaks Island, Me

daddy + leftie at Fort Williams Park near Cape Elizabeth, Me

We took a long weekend up to Portland, ME last Saturday through Tuesday. It was wonderful! I've always wanted to explore Portland because so many blogging artists/designers whom I admire live in the area. And after spending a few days there I can see why they do.

Unfortunately having so much fun while juggling a toddler left me with few photos to show for my trip. I finally remembered on our last two days to pull out my camera and snap a few shots. Some of my favorite moments - alas - are left undocumented. I made a list of them though (I feel like I'm forgetting some):

Watching and playing with m and leftie in the hotel pool.
The charming sleepy downtown in Bath, Me. I think we got there on a slow weekend. Nearly everything seemed closed.
The lovely beach where I wish we had worn our bathing suits at Ferry Beach.
All the amazing food we ate.

To wit:
Duckfat in Portland which is basically a pressed sandwich joint but oh do they make the most amazing fries! I could have eaten all my meals there.

Ditto The Good Table in Cape Elizabeth. The best breakfast I've ever had. Ever. Leftie was surprisingly uninterested in the freshly baked (in-house) blueberry muffin we ordered for her so m and I ended up splitting it between the two of us. Even though I was stuffed to the gills. Stuffed, I tell you!

I also need to make special mention of the beans (called "Lisa's Beans" on the menu) that came with m's Maine Guide Breakfast. I would love to get a recipe. As I type this I am contemplating the 2+hr drive it would take for us to get there from Cambridge so I can enjoy another meal. We only got breakfast, imagine what their other meals must be like!

Solo Bistro Bistro in Bath which had a wonderful sounding prix fixe menu which I now regret not ordering. I opted for their miso glazed cod instead and wowsers! It was love at every bite.

Gilbert's Chowder House in Portland (on the waterfront) where we enjoyed clams three different ways (in a chowder, fried and steamed). I also ordered a lobster roll. I was on vacation. It felt necessary.

Lois' Natural Marketplace in Scarborough where I picked up the best tasting mediterranean "mezze" plate. M's Thai peanut chicken wrap was also quite divine.

We need to go back to try more food and take more photos. M still laments that we did not make it up to Maples where they make organic gelato in small batches. We might be able to console him with some local ice cream this weekend.

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

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