Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the ravings of a neurotic craft geek

So I have decided in my infinite wisdom that I need to make my dress for jenn’s wedding. That’s right. The bridesmaid’s dress. To my defense, jenn did say that we could all wear whatever the heck we wanted and that it’s not a fancy dress-up wedding and as her bridesmaids, we were given the freedom to match or not to match, to dress up or dress down. Here’s what the others are wearing so far:

We are still waiting to hear back from the other bridesmaids.

Here’s what I want to wear:

And here’s the fabric I intend to use:

The colors are a little off since it is a scan of a swatch of fabric. I think it looks like a softer blue in life. And because the pattern is fine, from a distance it looks like a light blue dress instead of a white fabric with a blue flowered pattern. Moving on…

My notes:

Note the matching handbag I’ve sketched in there. Despite my lunacy (or in spite of it?) you must admire my ambition.

I’ve cut out the pattern this evening, and though I want to push on and do more. I think I need to call it a night and pick back up again tomorrow. I’m starting to get tired, you see.

Tomorrow I cut the fabric and the lining for the bodice. I think that since the skirt is pretty simple, I will bypass cutting a pattern for it. I can probably just eye-ball it. Same with the sash.

I am hoping with my fingers crossed and candles lit and prayers whispered that this will not take too long to make. I haven’t publicly talked about this project for fear that I may jinx myself. I may be jinxing myself even now by publishing this information on a blog that no one reads. But if it doesn’t happen, that’s what back-up plans are for.

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