Wednesday, May 10, 2006

mother's day

American Greetings (and all other greeting card companies, I’m sure) have gotten crazy with their greeting card selections. M and I went to the drug store the other night to pick out a card for his mother. I was amazed at how many different categories exist for card giving. You can still select religious and humorous cards for mother’s day. But now, you can also select to give a card from a son and daughter-in-law, from a daughter and son-in-law, to a stepmother, from a group of people, from a young son, from a young daughter, from an adopted child, the list goes on and on. I picked out a pretty card that stated a simple but heartfelt sentiment. Not too mushy or flowery, but just honest and thoughtful. M gave his approval and we walked toward the cashiers. I flipped the card over and noticed that it was six bucks. SIX BUCKS? For a generic greeting card from American Greetings? I am going to have to call Amy M (my friend who works at A.G.) and ask her about this. We went back to the card section and started our search anew.

“Can’t you make this stuff?” my spouse asked. He was in a hurry to get over to the candy aisle to see what drug store goodies he could pick up for a post-dinner treat.

We agonized over the rest of the cheesy selection and finally found a card that was appropriate (in all the categories we needed to fulfill) and went home. After a quick stop over to the candy aisle, of course.

We considered getting his mum theatre tickets, but then craftiness won in the end. I decided to sew her a beach tote. Here is the finished product which we shipped out yesterday:tote


It’s simpler than the design I had intended, but I think she’ll appreciate a homemade gift. I have plans to make one for myself with other fun fabrics I found at the store when I was buying the materials for this project. I think my mum-in-law will enjoy the seashell motif and the large capacity with a zip top.

My dress is still in the works. Another few hours of work and it should be good to go. The finished version will be posted here for posterity. Even though, many of my dear readers have already seen a sneak preview of the rough draft.

I HEART my sewing machine!

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