Monday, May 22, 2006

other people's blogs

(from an email I sent to jenn earlier today)

So I am bored at work. Bored, bored, bored, bored.

Though today, my supervisor left early and the office assistant is taking a vacation day. So I can sit here and babysit an empty office reading blogs to my heart’s content. I enjoy reading blogs. Is that wrong? I got through most of veganlunchbox before the comments people got on my nerves and I stopped checking in so religiously. Then I found the knitting lady and slogged through her knitting projects ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the completed works, wondering about her mom’s kitty’s failing health and thinking that I should really pick knitting back up again. Now this blog too has let me down (for now), she hasn’t posted since like May 11th! I nosed around for a bit in her links section and found knitting girl #2. She is way more prolific and I have been enjoying her writing as well as her finished projects. I have decided that she is one of us. If you can get past the knitting references, please read this entry about cluelessness.

I just love her self-deprecating silliness. Thank goodness I am alone and can laugh aloud instead of having to stifle my giggles so that my co-workers don’t hear me. Not only is this chick funny, talented and cool. She’s like 23 or something like that.


For many reasons.

Funny she doesn’t read like a 23 year old.

And I am like, SO jealous of all those amazing knitted objects that she cranks out at a moment’s notice. Why do other people’s lives sound so much better than mine in writing? Maybe I should do more work on my blog to make mine sound better. Big lie, I have a fabulous life. I like being 32.

I think I’ll post this on my blog, speaking of blogs. It rates being shared with others. Hope you don’t mind.

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