Saturday, June 3, 2006

Hi from Brentwood

Just doesn’t have the same ring…

So jenn and nathan are in New Zealand enjoying their geeky honeymoon after their geeky wedding. Cool trip. They are going to be gone for three weeks. They rented an RV and plan to (more or less) aimlessly wander aroud New Zealand, exploring and soaking up the local culture. Okay, and hunt out sites where Lord of the Rings was filmed. Yesterday, for example, they visited the site where Bag End was filmed and had a tour and such.

Gosh I haven’t traveled in a long ole while. And by travel, I mean leave the country, go somewhere exotic (as in, not like my neighborhood). Going to Boston can sometimes be exotic. They use different words sometimes in their vernacular (anyone on the west coast ever heard of a packy store?) and there is nary a strip mall to be found. All the same…not the same, you know?

I was thinking once how much I enjoy travelling and writing about my experiences, even if the bulk of them involve merely observing and writing about the people around me. The everyday life, if you will. Well…what’s to say I can’t do that here in L.A.? Aren’t the chances of interesting things taking place just as likely to happen here as they would if I were elsewhere? Am I just blind to this fact because my senses are dulled from everyday living and seeing the same things over and over again? Am I taking my life for granted?

An-y-ways. If I were a traveler to the land of Brentwood, my online journal for today would read something like this:

Today. Sigh. I am just kind of in an emotional rut. I am a little cranky lately. Still haven’t adjusted well to the end of my vacation from last weekend and I have been carrying around this shroud of discontent. At work, I have accomplished about two hours of actual productive work at the office this week. The rest of it was spent not-working, i.e., surfing, reading blogs, researching knitting patterns and graphic design studios I want to work for one day. Not good. It’s as if my productivity lobe has been damaged and I need some physical therapy to get it back in order.

So. Today. Sigh. Today, I have a list of things to do. None of them appeal to me right now. Among my to-do items, I must:

Clean the toilet (yes, people, my favorite job of the week)
Clean the floors and dust
Groom my cats so that they stop swallowing so much cat hair which they then puke back up and leave for me in little pools of stomach acid to wipe up. (I prefer wiping it up right away to leaving it around and listening to them lap it back up. I don’t know, maybe ocha likes warm food or she likes the bite of stomach acid on her taste buds. Do cats even HAVE taste buds? These guys lick ass, you know. Ok. Seriously digressing)
Mop the kitchen floor (yes, yes, I could have just said: household chores for all of this, but then I couldn’t fully make you feel as sorry for me if I were so concise)
Unpack from the trip to the Bay Area last weekend
Tidy up
Work on my portfolio (actually, this is the best part of my weekend)
Finish up some sewing projects
Start some sewing projects
Sigh and moan many times to express how unjust is my life
Quit spending so much time on the computer to procrastinate

With that said. I leave you till the chores have been completed.

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