Tuesday, June 27, 2006

meathead reprise

So two Christmases ago, we gave our favorite meathead the following t-shirt (left) and his wife the other t-shirt (right):

Not to be outdone. My wiley father-in-law made some, er…alterations and met us at the airport last summer wearing this:

In this photo, he’s parading around in his altered meathead shirt the night before my wedding. My mother-in-law gladly gave up her shirt to anyone who was willing to wear it. There were quite a few contenders. And of course, they thought it would be hilarious to pose for a photo with my husband in the middle. Dad-in-law clearly thinks that the meathead title belongs to his son.

A few months ago, my mother-in-law let slip that they intended to wear the meathead shirts to the airport when they picked us up for our visit in July. My dad-in-law wanted to get as much mileage out of those shirts as possible.

A retaliation effort ensued:

(Pardon the kitty butt. Ocha wanted to test out the shirts for herself.)

We plan to arrive at the airport, wearing button down shirts over the blue meathead shirts. We’ll greet m’s parents and hug and kiss. We’ll laugh good-naturedly at the red meathead shirts that they will wear to greet us. Then, we will oh so casually take off the outer shirt to reveal the blue meathead shirts underneath.

Moral of the story: don’t cross a graphic designer with itchy craft fingers.

Bring it.

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