Tuesday, June 27, 2006

vacation in the rain

Are we crazy? Leaving this:

for this:

Though, upon further reflection…do we have a choice? We planned this months ago…

M and I are heading out to New England on a Thursday night redeye. On the east coast, we plan to do the following:

  • attend a family wedding
  • research the housing market and attend many, many open houses
  • eat way too much
  • spend time with m's family
  • watch a lot of cable t.v.
  • drink too much beer
  • go to the beach with littles ones (pending weather)
  • check out local yarn stores

Acutally, I’m really looking forward to it, rain or no rain. It will be nice to have a change of scenery, nice to not have to work for 11 days straight, nice to see my in-laws who are just about the nicest folks around, nice even to explore the greater Boston area with my husband who will be ready with black notebook and calculator in hand.

[WARNING: A bit of knitting talk to follow. And incidentally, have I told y’all how much I have been enjoying reading knitting blogs? It’s one of the reasons I have been inspired to teach myself to knit. In one of the knitting blogs I read, the blogger was asked if her family (whom she writes about quite frequently) know about her blog and mind that she writes about them so much? They don’t know about her blog (for various practical and personal reasons) and so can’t read about themselves. And it made her wonder if other bloggers shared their blogs with their friends and families. Interestingly, a large number of her readers who are also knitters and bloggers said that they do not share their knitting blog with their family and friends. Those who have tried to do so have not received the most positive responses. Some friends/family intentionally ignore the knitting blogs with the excuse that it’s boring, some laughed when told by the knitter/blogger: I have a knitting blog.


I could say a lot about these knitter/bloggers and their circle of friends/family and how it’s important to be supportive. I could also talk about how a lot of blogs out there are quite boring and not all of them are worth reading with regularity. And I could also say that if you are not a knitter nor interested in being a knitter, reading knitting blogs can be a bit of a chore. What with all of the technical mumbo-jumbo that even a knitter has to concentrate to follow. So I think I will spare you from this part of my life and only bring up knitting when it relates to something generally interesting. And if I think that maybe I will let you know if it might get a little mumbo-jumbo-y so that you can skip past that part and move on to more scintillating parts about my life. So. And so. The next paragraph is about knitting. Some of it a little technique-related.]

I plan to get a lot of knitting done. The socks of sucktion are nearly complete (again). I think I have more or less mastered the technique of knitting socks, though the heels still leave something to be desired by my meticulous eye. I now know how to knit a pair of socks starting from the toe and ending at the cuff. However, I have managed to make the socks too long at the foot for my tiny-footed recipient. So. And so, mad ripping of the sock will ensue. I will rip, er…shorten the length of the foot to where I need to start the heel for a much, much smaller foot and then recommence the heel. It’s mindless work, I actually don’t mind too much. And yes. There will be enough yarn for a pair of socks that match each other and fit much, much smaller feet than mine. Really tiny. I mean teeny! I can’t believe she doesn’t fall over from imbalance on such leetle, teeny feet! And the tiniest little toes. Pedicurists should really charge her half price because they are robbing her blind if they make her pay full rate for doing up such teensy little toenails.

While I am gone, I should be able to access a computer and internet and continue blogging. If I am not too exhausted from eating so much junk food and drinking so much beer and having so much freaking fun. There are t-shirts to share, after all. I planned to photograph them during the making of, but the batteries in my camera died so I had to wait. Perhaps when I am in Boston.

Well, my lovelies. Have a marvy week. I’ll probably be able to check in again before I leave. But if not, see you on the other side of the states!

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